Courses taught:


Survey of Economic Development (Econ 661)

Fall 2023, American University

Spring 2023, American University


Principles of Macroeconomics (Econ 1110)

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018, University of North Texas


Writing Assignment

Teaching Assistant

Graduate courses:

Econ 665: Economic Experiments and Impact Evaluation 

Econ 675: Gender II 

Econ 662: Development Microeconomics

Econ 623: Applied Econometrics 

Undergraduate courses:

American University

Econ 374: Gender Roles in the Economy

Econ 361: Economic Development 

Econ 423: Applied Econometrics 

Econ 150: Economics for Business 

Core 105: Complex Problems Seminar: What's It Worth?

Econ 100: Macroeconomics 

Econ 110: The Global Majority 

University of North Texas

Econ 1110: Macro Principles 

Econ 1100: Micro Principles 

Econ 3560: Intermediate Macro